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Advanced High School Mathematics: A Comprehensive Online Pre-recorded Courses for University Preparation

Math 1

    These online pre-recorded courses are designed to provide high school students with a solid foundation in advanced mathematics, preparing them for the rigors of university-level coursework. EachThe course spans 10 hours of recorded material, covering key topics essential for success in university-level mathematics.

  • Instructor Support: While the course is pre-recorded, students have access to an instructor via email or scheduled virtual office hours for clarification of doubts and additional assistance.

  • Real-world Applications: Emphasis is placed on real-world applications of mathematical concepts, illustrating their relevance in various academic and professional fields.

  • Discussion Forums: Online discussion forums enable students to ask questions, and discuss challenging topics.

This comprehensive online pre-recorded mathematics course aims to equip high school students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in university-level mathematics and related disciplines.

Math 1

  1. Arithmetic & Geometric Series
  2. Exponents
  3. Linear Algebra Graphing a Line, Slope Y Intercept
  4. Equation of A Line Slope Y Intercept Sketch
  5. Analytic Geometry Right Bisector Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Circle
  6. Point of Intersection Parallel Right Triangles X Y Intercept
  7. Linear Algebra Midpoint
  8. Distances, Midpoint, altitude, Equation of a line
  9. Systems of Two Equations Linear Algebra
  10. Family of Functions Irrational Zeros.

Price $200

Math 2

  1. Composite Functions Even and Odd Function
  2. Polynomial Functions Factoring
  3. Equations with Exponents and Powers
  4. Rational Functions Graphing Equation Inequalities Asymptote
  5. Logarithmic Functions
  6. Radicals Exponents Long Division Reminder Theorem
  7. Equations and Inequations.
  8. Parabolas.
  9. Trigonometric Circle Special Triangles
  10. Trigonometric identities

Price $220

Math 3

  1. Trigonometric Functions and Identities
  2. Trigonometry Similar Triangles Sin Law
  3. Vectors Addition Subtraction and Graphing
  4. Cartesian Vectors, Dot Product and Sum of two Vectors
  5. Vectors Cross Product
  6. Vector and Parametric Equations of a Plane Points on a Plane
  7. Vectors Parametric and Vector Equation of a Plane and Intersection With A Line
  8. Derivative Tangent and Velocity Problem
  9. Rate of Change Limits Continuity Derivatives
  10. Rate of Change Applications

Price $260

    10% discount for purchassing 2 courses

    20% discount for purchassing all 3 courses at once.


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