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High School Tutoring Services

Tel 416-708-7454

We offer online Tutoring Services via zoom.

We listen, understand, and build an educational coaching plan to help the student become an academic champion for life.
Whether the student’s needs are immediate – like passing the next exam – or long term, we build an individualized plan that gets results.
We set aside time to provide homework help. We help kids understand the homework assignment so they feel better prepared to complete the work at home – underscoring their understanding of concepts and transforming homework frustration into a welcome challenge.
We also offer on demand not scheduled extra math classes.
We offer for sale the book” Mathematics Theory Tests and Solutions for Grades 9-12 – 800 Problems with Solutions Theory and Tests” By Liliana Usvat

We also offer High School Math Tutoring sessions for:

  • International Bacalaureat IB
  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Catholic Schools
  • Adult Learning
  • Exam Preparation
  • Home Schooling
  • Special Needs
  • Foster care students
  • Summer Learning
"Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur