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(1873 - 1939)

Gheorghe Titeica was the father of Romanian School of differential geometry, excellent teacher and creator.

He was born in 1874, October 4, in Drobeta-Turnu Severin.

He was a very good pupil getting only good marks during the primary school. The first 4 years showed Titeica's parents the way the child would go. In the autumn of 1885, Gh. Titeica was admitted to the impressive - today's Nicolae Balcescu College - secondary school.

From the very beginning, Gh. Titeica proved an uncurbed knowledge. As pupil, he studied the violin in a methodical and perseverant manner. Craiova at that time was characterized by a rich and varied artistic activity, the music being his pleasant refuge after the hours of scientific research and study.


He passed the scholarship exam at the Preparatory School of Bucharest, he also applied to the Faculty of Sciences, the mathematics department, where he attended the courses of great teachers, such as: David Emmanuel, Spiru Haret, O. Gogu, Dimitrie Petrescu and the general Iacob Lahogary.

In June 1895, he obtained the diploma of bachelor of mathematics.
In the autumn of 1895, he became substitute teacher at the theological seminary in Bucharest.

After the summer holiday (1896), the year when he passed the capacity exam for the secondary teaching - he became teacher at the Vasile Alecsandri secondary school in Galati. Praised for his profound preparedness and his qualities as researcher, he was advised by teachers and friends, to go to Paris to finish his studies.

He arrived at Rue d'Ulm 43, at the Preparatory School, as internal stipend student, in 1897. From among his mates we recall Henry Lebesque and Paul Montel.

For the master's degree he chose the subject about the framework of the oblique curvature. He presented his work on June the 30, 1899, before a board of examiners leaded by the mathematician Gaston Darbouse.

Member-correspondent from May 1909, Gh. Titeica was elected on May the 15, 1913, when he was 40 years old, permanent member of the Romanian Academy, after Spiru Haret's death. He held many important duties within the highest scientific forum of the country: he was the vice-president of the scientific section, in 1928 he was the vice-president and in 1928, the general secretary of the Academy.

Man of science, Gh. Titeica was elected, many times, the president of the "Mathematical Association of Romania", of the "Romanian Association of Science", of the "Association of the Development and the Spreading of the Sciences", vice-president of the "Polytechnics Association of Romania" and member of the high council of public instruction.