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Latest Links

Here is an interesting link Mortgage Payment Calculator by James Moore give you The expected interest rate on your mortgage information that usually banks leave out.

The Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques  is launching an 'Audiovisual Mathematics Library'. Presentation and Acces to the Audiovisual Mathematics Library here 

We received good math resources from a team of math experts and volunteers who are united by idea of free math education and contribution it to the world. There are many of math lessons on the site, some with video, games and math solvers. The site is free to use for educational purposes. Please check this website.

Visit the follwing link that shows a graphic which takes a closer look at the poor state of math performance among students in the US and why so many Americans are struggling when it comes to numbers.

Master of Homeland Security Blog

Professional Societies/Organizations

  • AMS, American Mathematical Society
  • CMS, Canadian Mathematics Society
  • MAA , Mathematical Association of America
  • SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Math
  • NSF, National Science Foundation
  • NAS, National Academy of Sciences
  • NSA, National Security Agency
  • LMS, London Mathematical Society

Mathematics Education: Organizations/Reports

  • NCTM, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • AMATYC, American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
  • AWM, Association for Women in Mathematics
  • Pi Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics society
  • The Math Forum at Drexel University
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • CSI, Chicago System Initiative
  • ATM, Association of Teachers of Mathematics
  • MTA, Mathematics Teachers' Association of Chicago and Vicinity
  • U.S. Department of Education's National Tests
  • TIMSS, Third International Math and Science Study (U.S. National Research Center)


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