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Very prolific, he is the author, co-author, and editor of 62 books, and contributed to over 100 literary and 50 scientific journals from around the world.

Over 20 books have been dedicated to his scientific activity:
1) An Introduction to the Smarandache Function, by Charles Ashbacher, Vail, 1995, 60 p.
2) The Most Paradoxist Mathematician of the World, by Charles T. Le, Los Angeles, 1995, 54 p.
3) Collection of Problems on Smarandache Notions, by Charles Ashbacher, Vail, 1996, 73 p.
4) Comments and Topics on Smarandache Notions and Problems, by Kenichiro Kashihara, Vail, 1996, 46 p.
5) The Smarandache Function, by C. Dumitrescu i V. Seleacu, Vail, 1996, 134 p.
6) Surfing on the Ocean of Numbers / a Few Smarandache Notions and Similar Topics, by Henry Ibstedt, Vail, 1997, 75 p.
7) Proceedings of the First International Conference on Smarandache Type Notions in Number Theory, editors C. Dumitrescu and V. Seleacu, Lupton, 1997, 208 p.
8) Computer Analysis of Number Sequences, by Henry Ibstedt, Lupton, 1998, 87 p.
9) Pluckings from the Tree of Smarandache Sequences and Functions, by Charles Ashbacher, Lupton, 1999, 87.
10) On Some of the Smarandache's Problems, by Krassimir Atanassov, Lupton, 1999, 88 p.
11) A Set of New Smarandache Functions, Sequences and Conjectures in Number Theory, by Felice Russo, Lupton, 2000, 114 p.
12-21) Smarandache Algebraic Structures (Vol. I: Groupoids;  Vol. II: Semigroups;  Vol. III: Semirings, Semifields, and Semivector Spaces;  Vol. IV: Loops; Vol. V: Rings; Vol. VI: Near-rings; Vol. VII: Non-associative Rings; Vol. VIII: Bialgebraic Structures; Vol. IX: Fuzzy Algebra; Vol. X: Linear Algebra), book series by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002-2003.
The books can be downloaded for free from:

International Conferences:
   1) First International Conference on Smarandache Type Notions in Number Theory,
August 21-24, 1997, organized by Dr. C. Dumitrescu & Dr. V. Seleacu, University of Craiova, Romania.
   2) International Conference on Smarandache Geometries, May 3-5 2003, organized by Dr. M. Khoshnevisan, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, Queensland, Australia. 
   3) International Conference on Smarandache Algebraic Structures, December 17-19, 2004, organized by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036 Tamil Nadu, India.