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Sar - Unit of Time of the Anunnaki

by Liliana Usvat

A vast elliptical orbit for Nibiru a planet in the solar system according to the summerian texts equivalent with 3600 earth years. The period is called Sar in Summerian.

Summerian records of prehistoric times called king lists measured these passages of times as applied to the time of Anunnaki (meaning those who from heaven to earth came) in Sars.

These records were found with the purposeful excavations in Mesopotamia "The land between the rivers " The rivers are Tiger and Euphrates present Irak some 150 years ago.

Clay tablets were found and brought to major museums around the world.

In 1876 George Smith from British Museum piecing together broken tablets found in royal library of Niniveh (The Asiaran capital)  published The Caldean Genesis and showed that biblical tale of creation was first written in Messopotamia millennia of years earlier.

The Anunnaki arrived on Earth 120 Sars or 432 000 Earth years before deluge from Nibiru.

A text in Akkadian the mother tongue of Babylonian Assirian and Hebrew called Atra Hasis describe the reasons the Anunnaki arrive on earth in great detail. They arrived for mining for gold.

For 40 Sars the Anunnaki were sent to Abzu (present  Africa) to mine for Gold.

The life cycles of Anunnaki were such that in human terms They were immortal for all practical purposes.

Some of the cuneiform writing of the Summerian culture can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Brooklin Museum in New York and British Museum in London.

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