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Precession of the Equinoxes

by Liliana Usvat

Between half a million and two million cuneiform tablets are estimated to have been excavated in modern times, of which only approximately 30,000 –100,000 have been read or published. The British Museum holds the largest collection (c. 130,000), followed by the Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin, the Louvre, the Istanbul Archaeology Museums, the National Museum of Iraq, the Yale Babylonian Collection (c. 40,000) and Penn Museum. Most of these have "lain in these collections for a century without being translated, studied or published,"as there are only a few hundred qualified cuneiformists in the world.

The Earth orbit around the Sun in an eliptical orbit. The orbit changes from more cirular to more eliptical fashion in a cycle of about one hundred thousand years. This brings the Earth at time closer to the Sun and at times farther away from it.

Earth has seasons because the axis of Earth is not perpendicular to its orbital plane(eliptic) but is tilted, bringing northen emisphere under a stronger influence of the Sun during the northen summer and the southern hemisphere to its winter and vice versa. But the tilt now is 23.5 degrees is not stable; the Earth like a rolling ship changes its tilt about 3 degrees back and forthin a cycle that takes about fourty-one thousand years to complete. The greater the tilt the more extreme are the winters and summers air and water flows change and aggravate the climatin changes that we call Ice ages and interglacial warm periods.

A third contributing cycle is that of Earth wobble as it spins, its axix forming an imaginary circle in teh heavens; This is the phenomenon of Precession of thee Equinoxes, and the duration of this cycle is about twenty-six thousanda years.

And here comes the strange fact that we are just rediscovering the facts known before by the ...Sumerians.

H.V Hilprecht in "The Babylonian Expediton of the University of Pennsylvania" after studying thousands of mathematical tablets from the temple libraries of Nippur and Sippar and from the library of the Assirian king Ashurbanipal in Niniveh concluded that the number 12,960,000 recorded on these tablets was literally astronimical and it stemmed from the phenomenon of Preession which retards the zozdiac constellation against which the sun rises by a full House once in 2160 years. The complete circle of twelve Houses, by which the Sun returns to its original bacground spot thus takes 25,920 years; the number 12,960,000 represented five hundred such complete processional circles.

1,2960,000 = 3600 x 3600 (3600 is the number of Earth Years of the planet Nibiru home of the Anunnaki around the Sun )

2160 x 12 =25,920 (Twelve houses of ghe zodiac)

12 x 30 = 360 (the number of the degree in one circle )

25,920 /360 = 72 years an observable phenomenon - The precession of the equinox shifts with one degree every 72 years

It was incredible to learn as Hilprecht and other have that the Sumerian were not only aware of the pnenomenon of precession by also knew that a shift from House to House in the zodiac required 2,160 years. It was incomprehensible that they choose as the base of their mathematics a number representing five hundred complete twelve house cycles, each cycles required the fantastic time span of 25,920 years.

In fact the modern astronimy accepta the existence of the phenomenon and is periods calculated in Sumer.

According to Zecharia Sitchin this knowledges were received from the Anunnaki (named Elohim of the Bible) that granted mathematical "Wisdom" to Mankind, the astronimical base number and the sexagesimal system were developed by them from their view point and then were scalled down to human proportions.

Example" 72 years an observable phenomenon - The precession of the equinox with one degree.

This picture is from Aga Khan Museum Toronto . This information was known in middle ages and we have equipment in museums that prove that knowledge of astral movements were known at that time.

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