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Healing Frequencies

by Liliana Usvat

Planets have a vast network of frequency harmonizers, telepathic transmitters and other healing devices along natural ley lines and vortices, to energize those power points with free energy amplifiers programmed with high consciousness wisdom while empowering a planetary energy grid harnessed by their civilizations.

These devices are made of rods, conical pyramidal, spherical, cylindrical or parabolic shaped parts, programmed crystals, magnetic and meteoric stones like shungite or moldavite, charged magnets, orgonite, prisms and coils, spirals and rings of conductive metals like copper or gold, use universal conscious technologies, acting as antennas tapping into the natural energy fields and funnelling it, in harmless, non-polluting ways, sustainable ways, while harmonizing natural frequencies with healing virtues.
Pyramids and orgonite
What is magnetism? Facts about magnetic fields and magnetic force | Live  Science 
Charged Magnets                                      spirals
These environmentally friendly devices can be programmed with information transmitted on waves.

Ancient human cultures from India South Africa, Australia Arizona, and Peru have known these sacred devices left on Earth by those from the heavens above, often called talking, singing or ringing stones.
Singing Stones

They were disposed along telluric ley lines, forming the nervous system of Mother Earth that the Aboriginal Australian call the “song lines of the Rainbow Serpent” and the Chinese the Dragon Lines.

Dragon Lines
The ringing stones called Chintamani in Sanskrit act as transmitting antennas connected to the grid. Their purpose is to protect the harmony of frequencies and empower magnetic fields for all life forms.

As science now discovers, frequencies like sound for instance when tunned and harmonized precisely to create a specific resonance can create complex geometric patterns in malleable substances, make objects levitate, boil water or make it levitate in a ball, cause molecular structures to transform, to melt hard rock or turn it into an easily malleable substance as seen in ancient megalithic monuments.
Acustic Levitation                                      sonic boiler
New Zealander, saxophonist and tinkerer Peter Davey appears to have made a Sonic Boiler, a small device that uses sound waves to boil water almost instantly.
 Sound Melting rocks
Ancient Melted Rocks
Tuned frequencies can also produce wireless electricity, in vortices acting as interdimensional portals, that can be directed to harness plasma as a quasi-infinite source of power, also known as St Elmo’s fire.
Vortices - Biodynamizer 
Wortices                                               Portals
 This is why the word pyramid means “fire in its mid”, because its shape channels a range of waves of various frequencies to converge and cross at its apex opening portals for plasma to merge with the matter.

Pyramids Creating Portals
When electromagnetic waves of any frequency are tuned and paired to be synchronized, the portals they open at their crossing point blink in and out of existence at the rate of the frequency of the waves.

When waves are tuned in alternating pairs, they are called scalar waves and maintain portals opened. The ever-present infinite reservoir and ever-flowing stream of free energy in its many forms through the cosmos can be made available only through the understanding of cosmic interdimensional connectivity. Tesla insisted that we must understand the waves emanating from the 2D, to understand the universe.

Acting as antennas capturing waves of diverse frequencies, or as focal points for plasma to condense, like the masts of sailboats or the druidic or shamanic staffs, that could capture the plasmic flows into a glowing hazy cloud of ionized electrons that consciousness can direct for various uses, pyramids, obelisks, crystals, rings, dorje or vajra, and other geometrical devices tune frequencies into free energy.

Why the Soviets built round houses
Buildings in form of a ring.
Crystals                                                 Vajra
They are conscious quantum devices programmed to turn waves of possibilities into manifested energy.
Sacred Geometry takes a wider dimension when the interaction of physical matter with subtle planes is considered in the equation, some shapes or patterns make ripples in magnetic fields and auras around.
       Sacred Geometry Symbols and Meanings – Liquid Dreams
Sacred Geometry  3D                   Hindu Mandala                                       Sacred Geometry 2D
In the same way, molecules give by their arrangements,  its geometrical shape to the crystal, the crystal shapes the magnetic fields surrounding it, and by extension, the way particles around it behave or react.

Magnetic fields influence not only physical health, but also moods in general, and psychic potential.
Interacting with consciousness, magnetic fields can for instance prevent interdimensional beings to come in or to go from a place.

When sacred geometry symbols known as yantra are activated with sound vibrations such as mantras, it amplifies the ripple effect of moving form or mudra, which makes the fabrics of the life web or “tantra’.
 Yantra 2D
The Yantra is a 2D image storing information or plan from the conceptual plane of the Meta-Universe, the mantra acts as waves of many frequencies emanating from the unified field into 3D Hyperspace, the mudra is the mass of particles of 3D Alter Matter taking form and making shapes in 4D linearity.

The real meaning of the word tantra refers to the cosmic symbiosis of harmonious interconnection.
The Healing Devices of the Star Elders are operating on at least three dimensions and often more.

Those free energy transmitters and frequency tuners were conceived to pass the test of time and last. Acting as interdimensional portals, by channelling waves of various frequencies and directing them to cross the nexus points, creating electrical discharges bringing different dimensional continuums, they tap into the vast reservoir of Alter – Matter, condensing it into ionic plasma, providing quasi-infinite power.

In the past, highly advanced spiritual civilizations with a large megalithic megalopolis, sophisticated machinery and fleets of star ships were entirely powered by harmoniously harnessing free energy from its most abundant natural sources.

This seems far out of reach for humanity but we are reaching a level of technology where we can either make terrible choices causing doom or wiser ones that can lead us out of decaying chaos.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3 Earth Ambassadors Cooperation Co-Authored by several Sasquatch Communicatots Edited and Designed By Kelly Lapseritis

"Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur